I was clairvoyant! AWD definitely doesn’t mean Crash Proof!

You guessed it. All wheel drive. And yes, my son was drivinG! Safe and sound – thanks BMW!

I wrote a post that AWD doesn’t mean crash proof a few years ago. Sure enough, my son was zipping around our local roads here in Avon in a sturdy AWD BMW when a tree jumped out in front of him and totaled the car! Thankfully all was well and no injury! All air bags went and he was a certainly scared, but the car did it’s job sacrificing itself for the passengers.

My older post is more relevant than ever with the high HP and torquey electric cars we all enjoy. AWD IS NOT CRASH PROOF so yes to slow it down and be safe.

Lewis Hamilton drives fast as anyone on the planet – just not on public streets. Too dangerous!

Be safe.


PS. One more pic as it is compelling:

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