Avoid Water Damage With Sensors!!!

From one of my partner insurer and friends at Cincinnati Insurance: https://www.cinfin.com/personal-insurance/risk-management/avoid-water-damage-losses WATER DAMAGE Water damage losses can happen in any season and every home has potential sources of water damage: Failure of water supply lines to appliances, sinks, wet bars or toilets Burst pipes due to age, freezing or disrepair Water heater failure Plumbing … More Avoid Water Damage With Sensors!!!

How to avoid cyber fraud from VISHING

This article is from the Hartford Steam Boiler insurance company blog called Equipment Connection.  HSB is well known in the industry for their cutting edge coverages and services in both the personal and commercial space.  I would recommend you add their Equipment Connection blog to those you might follow.  Best…Victoria Just when you thought you … More How to avoid cyber fraud from VISHING

AWD ≠ Crash Proof

It’s that time of year where I often receive the panicked phone call from clients: “I crashed the car this morning!  No one is hurt, but the car looks totaled.”  Many times it is a family’s youthful driver on the way to school or work in the brand new all wheel drive (AWD) car.  Often it is … More AWD ≠ Crash Proof

Congratulations to “Northington Living” on it’s first edition!

Area Director of Northington Living, Tracy Gardner, writes “This publication is a social newsletter and its is designed to reflect the social activities and interests within the Northington, Northgate, Southgate, Weatherstone, Bridgewater, and Kingswood neighborhoods.” We tip our hat to Northington Living on it’e excellent name selection!  Northington Insurance Group, LLC (not related) looks forward … More Congratulations to “Northington Living” on it’s first edition!

When shopping for cars or SUVs, look for new technology to avoid crashes.

New systems like autonomous braking, pedestrian avoidance, automatic lane keeping, and autopilot modes are worth considering when you buy your next new – or even used – vehicle. They are a much better spend then the latest and greatest wheels or cooled cup holders. Consider the systems in Mercedes vehicles…see the video below. With these … More When shopping for cars or SUVs, look for new technology to avoid crashes.

Trusts and LLCs

If you have your house in a trust or LLC for whatever purpose, please do yourself a favor and check your insurance policy.  Make sure the trust or LLC is  a named insured, or at the very least an additional named insured!  If it is not – your insurance policy is not set up properly … More Trusts and LLCs